Meet Our Team

Jon Wilson Cooper
Director and Counsellor

Jon is a qualified Gestalt Psychotherapist with over 28 years' experience of working therapeutically. Jon has worked with people with enduring psychiatric problems, young offenders, and people who misuse drugs and alcohol. Jon is the Director of The Albany Centre and is also a freelance trainer, consultant and supervisor.

Gemma Seller

After overcoming anxiety and depression and experiencing the powerful impact counselling can have and how it can help others in this way. Counselling can enable people to discuss what is troubling them in a safe environment, free from judgement and expectation. I have a background of working with adolescents and having also worked in a large corporate organisation, I understand the pressures that can arise from this. 

Trish Jones

Counselling has been hugely beneficial to me. I was drawn to it, having felt the need for people to be listened to in my previous job as a lawyer. I have worked for a number of years with people who are suffering from a variety of mental health issues, and I believe that everyone can change and grow where non-judgemental, appropriate support is offered in a safe way.

Marina Ziff

I have a passion for working with individuals going through relationship difficulties, struggling with self-esteem, weight and body image and eating disorders. I am committed to empowering individuals using a straight-forward and non-shaming approach. Prior to pursuing a career in counselling, my background was in Marketing. I have previously worked at MIND and the NHS.

Sue Roden

Most of my working life has been in hospital pharmacy, and the pharmaceutical industry. I came to recognise that drug therapy is only one aspect of treating the many mental health issues that so many people experience in their lives. It then seemed to me that counselling offers so much more than 'papering over the cracks' as it provides a safe environment in which to explore your feelings and start to heal painful experiences.

Pooja Poojara

I am a counsellor specialising in Gestalt therapy. I have also completed my foundation degree in Psychodynamic therapy. I have interest in working with adults struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, low self-esteem, relationship issues or have suffered from loss. Counselling is often a period of self-discovery, developing awareness of how negative beliefs can restrict your life, allowing you to process and discover inner resources. As a Gestalt therapist I work holistically. I believe that the body and mind are connected and that our bodily responses can help us to understand our emotions.

Verity Critchlow

I am a fully qualified Gestalt counsellor working at Mosaic and in private practice. I've experienced the benefits of counselling and know how much of a life-line it can be during stressful times in our lives. I provide a calm, safe and confidential space to work alongside my clients with whatever is troubling them. I very much believe in the mind-body connection and help clients to be curious about how their feelings show up in their bodily responses. I am particularly interested in working with depression and anxiety, childhood trauma issues and recovery from abusive relationships. 

Samantha Jones
I’m here to listen without judgement. I can offer you a safe, contained space to explore and recognise the areas you would like to make sense of or manage. Counselling can empower you to find healthy behaviours to replace those that are no longer helpful. I have particular interest around anxiety, stress and depression, childhood trauma and abuse. Together we can work through experiences of overwhelm or feelings of being ‘stuck’ to become aware of choices and find freedom and clarity. I have a BSc in Psychosocial Sciences, previously working in various roles within the NHS. I began training in Gestalt Counselling at the Albany centre in 2015. I currently see clients at Watford Women’s Centre and Mosaic.
Juliet Horn

Hi, I’m Juliet. I am a newly qualified counsellor at Mosaic, having completed my training here. I feel passionate in my endeavour to help make a difference in people’s lives. Prioritising mental health is essential in my view, particularly in the current climate. 

Cate Stevens
Counsellor and Clinical Assessor

I believe that counselling can be immensely powerful in helping people to work through emotional difficulties in order to realise their own potential in life more fully. Having experienced the benefits of counselling in order to process grief and trauma, I have realised my own capacity to grow and to make different choices. I feel privileged to work alongside clients who are struggling in different ways to make sense of their feelings and to nurture their innate capacity to develop new ways of being in the world. I have a background in education and youth work.

Laura Howard
Counsellor and Clinical Assessor

I am a professional integrative counsellor and I incorporate Psychodynamic and Gestalt therapy in my practice. Having also had my own therapy, I can truly see the benefit in how counselling can help clients to develop more self awareness about the issues that can be troubling. I am now part of the Mosaic clinical assessment team, and I feel that it is a privilege in helping to match clients with the right therapist for their needs.

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