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“I am very grateful to have found Mosaic – it is accessible, affordable and my counsellor excellent. I only had to wait a few weeks after my initial interview for my session to start. I feel this was very important as once you consider the route of counselling, you just want it to begin. I always felt Yasmin had my best interests in mind. She never made me feel uncomfortable even when discussing difficult times. I always felt she really cared.”

“My experience of Sue during the thirty sessions we have met has been extremely positive. Throughout my chaotic experience of grieving following the recent death of my husband, Sue remained a strong, warm, grounded and wonderfully authentic figure in the room. I have felt able to bring myself to the sessions in whatever mood prevailed at the time and never felt judged or that my emotions were ‘too much’. On the many occasions I felt my life was shattering into pieces and I was becoming increasingly lost, Sue stayed present and steady which allowed me to find a level of self security so I could continue safely. Sue presented suggestions of ways to support myself in this vulnerability, which were so creative and totally appropriate for me. They were (and continue to be) very effective techniques which I know I will continue to use in my life. My summary would simply be that I feel so lucky to have been in the safe pair of hands that Sue represented. She modelled the steady, warm, authentic human that I desperately needed during this time and helped me to move through my grief to a place where I feel ready to leave the counselling environment and care for myself.​She will, however, remain with me as my ‘inner counsellor’ and I believe she will have a great and beneficial impact on many clients’ lives in the future At risk of sounding like an Oscar speech, I would also like to thank Mosaic for the help, support and understanding that the organisation showed me at all times.”

“Muriel was very helpful and she has really helped me to rationalise things for the future.”

“Counselling has helped me feel like I can breathe. Mosaic was there for me when I really needed help. Thank you for helping me build my strength back up.”

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